In the age of digital distractions, captivating the attention of young adults requires an innovative approach. Enter Qomix engagement module, specifically tailored for content platforms targeted at teenagers. Among the myriad interactive features, quizzes and leaderboards emerge as dynamic tools that ignite excitement and foster healthy competition. By integrating content specific engaging quizzes and leaderboards into the platform, teenagers are not only motivated to actively participate and test their knowledge but also establish a sense of achievement and social connection.

However, for an already stretched content team that creates additional work. Creating quizzes keeping in mind the target readers and making sure that they are exciting and challenging enough needs considerable time and effort from the content and editorial team.

Cloudcraftz’s project team saw an opportunity to deliver productivity gain for the content creation team by harnessing the power of Generative AI. Following the agile delivery methodology, a team of product manager and UI/UX designer worked collaboratively with the core content creation team of the customer to come up with the user stories and develop the prototype of the feature within the bespoke content management system. The feature was built as an assistive solution for the editorial team. Each quiz consisted of a question, four options with one option flagged as the right answer. The quizzes are also generated based on a prompted difficulty level – easy and hard. Post couple of iterations the finalized prototype was added to the sprint backlog to be taken up by a team of prompt and full-stack engineers. Some smart prompt engineering using the patterns, “Persona” and “Template” suggested in the paper “A Prompt Pattern Catalog to Enhance Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT” ( made sure that OpenAI was able to generate the right quizzes which met the expectation of the editorial team. Following some nifty engineering solutions (learnings to be shared in another post) to work around the rate limits, token limits and other constraints the Generative AI powered quiz generation feature was delivered much to the delight of the content creation team. Provisions were made in the design to improve the prompts without minimum change in the codebase.

Our customer

Qomix is an innovative platform that pioneers nonfiction graphic storytelling, curated by renowned experts and talented artists. Its unique approach equips young adults with a deeper understanding of the multifaceted world we live in, covering diverse topics such as science, technology, climate, environment, arts, ideas, and global affairs.

Delivered values


  • Increased app engagement
  • Significantly reduced content generation time
  • Random and interesting quiz questions