Innovation meets excellence

We are not just a team of engineers. We are a group of innovators who are passionate about delivering exceptional solutions to our clients. Our multi-disciplinary team comprises product managers, designers, engineers, and data scientists who work together to create cutting-edge products that exceed our clients’ expectations.

We take pride in our proven track record of delivering successful products on time, every time. We have worked with one-person startups to enterprises, and we have helped them bring their ideas to the market in just six months. Our clients trust us because we deliver results that matter.

As a learning organization, we invest significantly in research and development. We are always on the lookout for the latest and emerging technologies, and we make it a point to incorporate them into our products by default. We also follow cutting-edge product management practices to ensure that we deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

 Small team, exceptional results


Building and retaining a great team has always been at the core of our mission. We believe that a strong team is the foundation of any great business, and that’s why we take pride in our exceptional team of experts.

 Our leaders who lead by example


Mathalai Rajan


Kaushik Bhattacharya

Product Management

Debasish Saha


 Our board


Nimish Sanghi

Advisor, Technology

Debashish Dutta Gupta

Advisor, BFSI

Manish Mahajan

Advisor, BFSI